What is it??

The Maxilube System is a high tech onboard oil lubrication and purification system designed to reduce engine wear and greatly extend or eliminate the necessity for the common oil change on cars, trucks, boats and motor homes. This is accomplished by incorporating a bypass filter removing harmful liquid contaminates, neutralizing acidity and removing particulate matter down to 1 micron or less in size allowing the engine to operate on a continual flow of clean oil. The system also utilizes a custom pre and post lubrication system eliminating "dry start" and "coking" wear along with an electronic control module and display that operates and monitors the functions of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does oil wear out??

NO, Oil does not wear out but it does become contaminated due to insufficient filtration and thatís why it needs to be changed. The base stock never wears out and under normal usage with a bypass filter such as ours, the additive package, normally designed to be depleted, is retained due to the continual cleaning and lubricating process of our system. Through the use of the Maxilube System the additive package is maintained at a much higher level than the manufactures recommendations.

Why is additional filtration so important and if so, why doesnít the manufacturer install one on their engines??

The full flow filter installed on your engine is designed to filter particulate matter in the 25 to 40 micron size. If this filter was designed to filter down to 1 micron, as our filter does, the actual flow of oil although very clean would not allow sufficient lubrication due to oil volume restrictions. Most engine wear takes place in the 5 to 15 micron range. Our 1 micron "Bypass" filtration system offers the finest filtration available and effectively removes harmful liquid contaminates and neutralizes acidity. The engine manufactures business is to sell motors, parts and filters, their loss of revenue is your gain as you protect your investment and maximize your engineís life expectancy.

Why do I need a pre and post lubrication system along with a bypass filter??

At Maxilube Systems our purpose is to manufacture the finest lubrication and filtration system available, reducing the most amount of wear possible. Most people donít realize that most engine wear takes place when you first start it up for that first 8 to 10 seconds when there is no immediate oil pressure present to lubricate the engines vital moving parts. Experts estimate that 53 to 80% of all engine wear takes place when this "dry start" condition occurs. Our automatic system offers pre and post lubrication cycles that effectively eliminates this condition known as "coking" that occurs on turbo charged engines that may not have proper bearing lubrication after shutdown.

How do I know how effective the system is??

The only real way of determining the effectiveness of any oil filtration system is through oil analysis. At Maxilube Systems our analysis program is designed to monitor the integrity of the oil being used as well as engine wear patterns. Engine manufactures warranties are not void as long as you have proper documentation of oil analysis and comes back "good for continued use."

Do I have to use special oil with your system??

No, Any oil may be used as long as it is the type recommended by the engine manufacturer but since 90% of the oil stays within the engine for the life of the engine you can more easily justify the expense of the better grade oils which help to maximize the efficiency and offer greater protection.

Will the system have any effect on the main oil pressure system??

No, Since this is a bypass filtration system only a small amount of oil, approximately 6 gallons per hour, passes through the filter and has no negative effect on the oil pressure already present in the engine.

I don't use my R.V. or boat that much. How do I justify the expense of this system??

Whether your R.V. or boat is used often or only periodically, the importance of pre and post lubrication is undeniable and the cost of our system has been proven to increase the value of the R.V or boat when you sell. The next owner has more appreciation and assurance that his purchase has been maintained properly. The entire system can also be re-installed on another R.V or boat, reducing the expense of a new system.

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