A Great Concept Made Even Better

       As great as the concept is to combine a pre and post lubrication system, that eliminates "dry start" wear and a 1 micron bypass filtration filter that removes the harmful contaminates from the oil, is the addition of our electronic control module and display that automatically operates and monitors the entire system. The electronics portion of the system activates a lubrication pump just prior to engine start up for a set time period to pre-lubricate and again after shut down to post lubricate every time the engine is operated. The addition of a post lubrication cycle aids in the lubrication of turbocharger bearings and eliminates a condition known as "coking" that can happen when these bearings are not properly lubricated after engine shut down.

About The Inventor: Tom Callan     

      Having worked in the marine engineering field for over 35 years in South Florida and New England, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to design, install and maintain some of the most sophisticated equipment on privately owned yachts and R.V.'s. My responsibilities were to make sure that the machinery on each vessel or vehicle was kept in proper working condition. I was instructed that no expense was to be spared when it came to improvements or modifications that would increase performance, reliability and efficiency. I was first introduced to the concept of oil purification in 1985 and how this type of bypass system would increase the life of the engine and reduce many of the operating expenses associated. Only after the installation of a "Refinco" bypass oil refiner did I realize that this concept would later evolve into an important portion of the Maxilube System of today. I found that engines having this type of “bypass” filtration system, offered the highest quality filtration maximizing the engine’s life expectancy and efficiency. It was only after the purchase of a new company truck in 1993 did we at Maxilube Systems install our first prototype that included an electronic control module consisting of a pre and post lubrication pump timing circuit along with a filter flow and heater current monitoring display. The installation of this system would also maximize the life and performance of our 7.3 Ford diesel engine. It is the addition of this automatic lubrication system that eliminates problems associated with "dry start" wear that all engines face during the first 8 to 10 seconds when the engine is turned over and there is no immediate oil pressure present. It has been through improvements and the addition of our patent pending automatic operating and monitoring system that allow the system to become available to the general public today. The patented Maxilube System is still using the same time proven technology of oil purification as on yachts and vehicles of years ago, able to keep oil in a continual clean state maximizing engine life, enhancing performance and increasing efficiency. At Maxilube Systems our goal is to utilize methods of reducing engine wear by providing products and services that will increase equipment value, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and protect our resources for future generations.

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