Maxilube Systems LLC ‘s mission is to provide specialized service and products designed to increase performance and extend engine life while reducing operating expenses to owners and operators of cars, trucks, boats and motor homes powered by gas or diesel engines. We accomplish this by installing the finest automatic pre and post lubrication system and oil purification system available to the industry. With the patented Maxilube System, engines have the ability to continually operate at their maximum level of efficiency.

Trade Show Demonstration System

Nominated at the Newport International Boat Show for best new product of the year in 2006.

      Vehicles equipped with the Maxilube System receive the benefits of substantially increased engine life by eliminating "dry start" metal to metal wear that takes place at start up, this type of wear occurs when oil is not immediately available to lubricate the engine’s vital moving parts The Maxilube System benefits the environment by extending or even eliminating the common oil change and drain intervals in engines by keeping the oil in a continual "clean" state providing a savings of up to 90% in new oil purchases, for the life of the engine. This reduces dependency on oil and future responsibilities associated with the discarding of waste oil. The T.F Purifiner, now known as the "puraDYN" bypass oil filtration system, portion of the Maxilube System, has been certified as "Pollution Prevention Technology by the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Department of Toxic Substance Control in 1994 ". Our heavy duty lubrication pumps are custom made for Maxilube Systems using special "viton" seals and pressure relief valves. These pumps are designed for long term service and extended reliability. It is this patented combination of an automatic pre and post lubrication system and oil purification system along with our electronic control module that form the Maxilube System. The addition of this electronic control module and display allow the operator to see first hand how the electrical and mechanical systems are operating from the dashboard or helm station. An optional high water temperature and/or low oil pressure alarm system can be incorporated in the system if desired.

This is an extended list of benefits of the Maxilube System

Engine Benefits

1.   AUTOMATIC Pre and Post lubrication cycles, engine life extended.
2   "Dry start" wear eliminated through pre lubrication.
3   "Coking" of turbo charger bearings eliminated through post lubrication.
4   Better protection during break-in period of new engine and equipment.
5   Engines and equipment run with constantly clean oil.
6   Oil drain intervals safely extended or eliminated.
7   Engines and equipment run cooler.
8   Engine efficiency increased, less fuel consumption.
9   Oil circulation improved.
10. Proper viscosity maintained.
11. Water, fuel and glycol removed.
12. Acid formation neutralized.
13. Solid contaminates down to 1 micron or less removed, compared to engine equipped 25-40 micron engine "spin on" oil filters.
14. Additives remain well within acceptable limits.
15. Sulfur removed.
16. Sludge and varnish deposits removed.
17. Engine wear pattern changed (SAE Technical Report # 831317)
18. New oil purchases and disposal costs reduced up to 90%.
19. Better maintained equipment = less down time.
20. Visual display of system operation on dashboard / helm station.
21. Increased battery, starter and alternator life due to reduced coefficient of friction.
22. High water temperature / low oil pressure alarm systems available.
23. The Maxilube System does not void engine manufacturers’ warranties.

Environmental Benefits

1.   The Purifiner/ puraDYN (bypass oil filtration system) technology can decrease the generation of waste oil by up to 90%.
2.   Full flow filters last longer, fewer entering waste system.
3.   Reduced exposure to "cradle to grave liability" associated with spills, transportation, storage and disposal of waste oil.
4.   The Purifiner/ puraDYN filter elements can be recycled.
5.   Longer life of oil means less demand for new oil.
6.   Less ground water contamination.
7.   Reduced harm to delicate ecosystems and wildlife.

* Engine must be maintained according to Maxilube Systems recommendations - Call for more info.

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