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Royal Purple® Motor Oil is recommended for use in all four-cycle gasoline engines and both two-cycle and four-cycle diesel applications including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, commercial fleet and stationary industrial diesel engines.

Royal Purple® Motor Oil is a tough, long life, high performance oil that delivers superior protection and enhanced performance to gasoline and diesel engines. It gains its performance advantages from a blend of synthetic oils plus Royal Purple's proprietary, synthetic Synerlec® additive technology.

Synerlec® additive technology greatly reduces engine wear, including ring, cylinder and bearing wear. It is extremely tenacious, adheres to engine surfaces and remains after shutdown, which provides protection upon initial startup.

Multi-Grade Oils: 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40, 20W50

Straight-Grade Oils: SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50

Royal Purple's motor oils are API certified and will not void new car warranties. Royal Purple® recommends waiting until the manufacturer's first scheduled oil change or a minimum of 2,000 miles in new gasoline engines before using Royal Purple®. Allow 8,000 to 10,000 miles before use in diesel engines.

Royal Purple® Motor Oils are compatible with other mineral and synthetic motor oils.

Environmentally Responsible: Royal Purple® Motor Oil extends oil drain intervals, eliminates premature oil changes, decreases the amount of oil purchased and disposed of and conserves energy.

Royal Purple's relentless pursuit of excellence within the lubricant industry consistently produces a reputation associated with quality and superior performance in both automotive and industrial markets.

Try Royal Purple® today and see why it truly is the performance oil that outperforms™.

Fuel Additives

In the high-tech market of fuel additives, LDL® has established a strong presence through developing technologies for both manufacturing and marketing. Oil Service Fuels has made strategic alliances with leading global companies in the field of fuel additives to preserve the environment, improve performance of diesel engines and provide consistency in all weather conditions.

Diesel Additives

  • LDL® Patent Pending Formula
  • LDL® Winter Formula, Private Label
  • Consumers have viable reasons to purchase LDL®, and it has proven itself effective in addressing the four major concerns in the diesel fuel industry:
    1. LDL® reduces fuel consumption, paying for itself and returning a net economic benefit to the consumer.
    2. LDL® keeps diesel fuel from gelling in extremely cold temperatures.
    3. LDL® reduces engine maintenance costs and increases the life of the diesel engine, including a lubricity agent.
    4. LDL® reduces diesel fuel emissions, particulates and opacity (exhaust smoke) released into the atmosphere from diesel engines.

Gasoline Additives

LDL® gasoline fuel additive, private label, is a multifunctional additive for use in motor gasolines. It is ashless and imparts the following properties:

    1. Intake valve deposit keeps clean
    2. Port fuel injector keeps clean
    3. Combustion chamber deposit control
    4. Carburetor detergency
    5. Minimizes octane requirement increase
    6. Excellent corrosion protection
    7. Complete compatibility with component materials of the engine and fuel system
    8. Improves moisture absorption
    9. Reduces fuel line freeze up
    10. Eliminates valve sticking

Oil Service Fuels

Oil Service Fuels, Inc., a privately held corporation, which was established in 1981, manufactures and distributes a year-around diesel fuel additive and conditioner for No. 2 diesel fuel, named LDL® (Longer Diesel Life).

The LDL® technology was developed and formulated specifically to solve problems and to fill the void associated with the low-quality diesel fuel prevalent in the industry today.

LDL® has been developed, produced and successfully sold to customers for approximately 20 years. Through product performance of LDL®, it is proven to sell itself in the marketplace. The corporation has also successfully penetrated the five major consumer groups of diesel fuel (Trucking, Government, Marine / Shipping, Agriculture and Railroad). A large volume of qualified buyers exists in the diesel marketplace.

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